Maine Steamer Clams

  • Whole Fresh Live Steamers coming directly from the flats to you
  • Purged Whole Live Steamers. We place our clams in out Certified Purging Tanks in our Wet Storage are and circulate clean filtered ocean water though the clams. This allows the clams to purge their sand and grit so that you can enjoy a clean clam!

Processed Clams 

  • Fresh Hand Shucked Maine Frying Clams prepared by our incredible team of Seafood processors. Our shucked clams are nationally renowned for their incredible sweetness and flavor.
  • Frozen Hand Shucked and VacSeal Packaged Maine Frying Clams. These are the same beautiful clams as our fresh product but they are packaged for long freezer life, vacuum sealed, flash frozen and packed in 4-1/2 gallon cases for your convenience.