Welcome to Community Shellfish Co.

Community Shellfish is one of Midcoast Maine’s premier dealers and processors of quality Maine seafood. The company is located in Bremen, Maine; a beautiful town perched on the edge of the Medomak River and Muscongus Bay.

These two bodies of interconnected water together represent some of the finest shellfish harvesting areas in the world. Whether it is clams, lobsters, shrimp, scallops, mussels, or oysters, if they are from this area, you can be assured that they are finest available. The tides are huge and the waters flow cold and fast and the shellfish harvest is among the best in the world.


Our Shellfish: Whole Live, Processed, Fresh or Frozen 

We offer our seafood in different formats to suit the customer’s needs. Whether it is the food service customer, the wholesaler, the restauranteur, or the home cook, we have the right product for you.

We are a direct shipper and a processor. In terms of fresh whole live product seafood, the company buys directly from the harvester, assuring the highest quality product delivered to you. We also have certified wet storage on site allowing us to provide you with the finest seafood from these areas. An example is our famous purged steamer clams. 

In terms of processing, we have two separate processing facilities, both of which are state-of the-art and MDMR, FDA and MDOA approved. One specializes in clams, oysters, scallops while the other is designed especially for lobster and crab. Pair this with the finest, most dedicated and experienced people in the industry and you end up with the best seafood delivered fresh to you!