Our Company

Community Shellfish is a direct dealer in lobster, clams and shrimp. We buy from the harvesters at two locations; the Community Shellfish Processing and Distribution Center or the Bremen Lobster Pounds down on the shore and either sell back out fresh whole shell-stock to wholesale or retail or process it into fresh and frozen products. A favorite of our customers are our Shucked Clam Fryers as well as our fresh lobster meat.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous selection process for our shellfish. Only the best quality product is purchased for our customers and our processed products. This follows with our stringent handling and storage process. All steps are taken to insure a healthy fresh and delicious product. From the sea to the store shelf, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality genuine Maine Seafood Product.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy at Community Shellfish is very simple and straightforward. We believe in delivering to our customers exactly what we promise: the best possible product handled and processed in the most careful and meticulous manner by the best, most professional and dedicated people anywhere.

We pay attention to detail at every step to ensure you the finest. It is second-nature. We believe that by instilling this at every station in our company, we will better serve you with the finest seafood, our employees with excellent jobs and the community with a strong and consistent resource. And this is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Employees

The company team consists of a group of highly skilled and motivated people who bring vast amounts of experience to their job. Whether it is our buyers, our processors, our shippers and logistics people, or our administrators, they are, without exception, dedicated and professional. This allows us to deliver to you the finest product with the greatest of care and efficiency.


Our Fishermen and Harvesters

We buy our seafood directly from the fishermen in our area. Whether it is the clam digger, lobsterman, oyster farmer, scallop boat, quahog raker or shrimp boat, each one harvests the very best product and brings that product to us in excellent condition.


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