Our locations are on the eastern shores of the Pemaquid Peninsula. We are in the town of Bremen which is midway between Bristol and Waldoboro on the Medomak River and Muscongus Bay. Friendship Harbor is 2 miles to the east.  This area has been an active and well known fishing and shipbuilding area for two centuries. The famous 5-masted schooners and sailing ships were built up the Medomak in Waldoboro and the wreck of one of these ships, the Cora Cressey, still sits just east of our docks.

Our Facilities

  • Lobster Dock and Processing/Aquaculture Shore Facility

  • Clam Processing/Logistics and Buy Station


Our Provenance

The Medomak River is a 40 mile long river starting as a stream in Liberty, Maine. It travels 32 miles down to its tidal estuary point in Waldoboro. The last 8 miles is a beautiful, nutrient rich, fast moving, mudflat laden, tidal river which ends, coincidentally, at our shore facility and dumps into the Muscongus Bay and Gulf of Maine. These waters are perfect conditions for one of the finest shellfish areas in the world.