Our Goods

When it comes to sourcing good Maine seafood, we are the destination when it comes to finding a wide breadth of products, from lobsters to clams and oysters to scallops. You can always find the finest quality and the freshest product at Community Shellfish. 




Our Lobster is caught by our fishermen locally in Muscongus Bay and up in the Medomak River. Our lobsters are sweet and succulent on the plate…Some people say that they are Maine’s best. Click below to see our offerings:


Maine Steamer Clams

We buy our clams directly from the harvesters who dig locally in the Medomak River, Pemaquid, or the Damariscotta. Click below to see our offerings:



The Damariscotta oysters and Muscongus Oysters rank in the top echelon of this shellfish in terms of flavor, salinity and texture. Click below to see our offerings:

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Maine Seasonal and Special Order Shellfish

Click below for a rotating offering of Maine's ever changing specialties: